Top 10 Mobile App Experience Blog Posts of 2023

Deidre Wright PR Director Airship

Brands are under pressure to develop apps that simplify lives, save time and are easy to use, which are the primary reasons customers continue to use apps. In August, Google and Ipsos found that 85% of retail app decision makers say mobile app investment is important for long-term business success and 74% said it’s key to driving profitability.

The importance, pressures and value creation opportunities surrounding mobile app experience command marketing and technology leaders’ attention. We think about, research and advise brands around the world everyday on how to capture more customer value from mobile apps for themselves, and often share that knowledge more widely through our blog. Of everything published in 2023, the most-viewed blog posts focused on three overarching topics:

  • Empowering a company’s entire team to create and optimize app experiences
  • Better activating and engaging app customers
  • Innovating native mobile experiences that improve customers’ lives 

Empowering Everyone to Create and Optimize Experiences

The ability of brands to engage with customers and optimize experiences depends on the tools they have at their disposal. Airship, a long-time innovator in the mobile app space, introduced a number of enhancements over the last year offering significant improvements in brands’ abilities to engage customers inside and outside the app™: 

Airship’s no-code native Experience Editor allows marketers and product owners to create, deploy and adapt high-value app experiences like onboarding, feature adoption and opt-in flows, while developers are freed up to focus on new, market-differentiating features. 

Our recent experimentation enhancements allow brands to evaluate and continually improve all aspects of the mobile customer journey. From cross-channel messages and no-code native app experiences, to the app UX and features themselves, centralize all of your  experiments to more easily manage, analyze and optimize approaches prior to rolling out the best to a broader audience.

The integration of generative AI within the Airship platform enables marketers and product owners to easily create, atomize and test content variations across marketing campaigns and the app lifecycle. The goal — more quickly zero-in on winning combinations. 

Activating and Engaging Customers

To create sustained relationships with customers, brands have to convey their value, keep customers’ attention and create interactions that are meaningful enough to lead to loyalty. In four blogs, we zeroed in on these issues through the lenses of activation, personalization, Engagement Scores and gamification: 

From app store listings to first use, brands must clearly convey the value their apps offer and educate customers on how to best take advantage of those features for their own unique needs. Activation best practices help mitigate premature dropoff and expand respectful collection of customer preferences for tailored, personalized approaches. Data on customer location, ideal timing for messages, loyalty status, behaviors, content of interest and more are the building blocks of personalization. 

Following activation, you’ll want to influence customers’ habitual app use. Engagement Scores are a great way to monitor progress as they reflect how many monthly active users return on a daily basis. 

While it’s important to have a way of measuring success, it’s even more crucial to develop tactics to incentivize frequent app usage. By encouraging behavior that elicits excitement, offers a challenge and delivers rewards, apps can retain more users. Brands can embrace gamification across the mobile app lifecycle with quizzes for product selection, progress bars to encourage winning streaks, points-based reward programs and more. Using these techniques to help customers feel valued and understood will not only enhance mobile app experiences, but customer loyalty. 

Innovate to Improve Customers’ Lives

Apps that seamlessly integrate into users’ daily routines become indispensable. Taking inspiration from diverse use cases and tailoring your app’s features to be integrated into customers’ lifestyles can significantly enhance its value. 

For example, 81% of consumers plan to use apps on smartphones and wearable devices to improve their health and well-being in the U.S., UK and France. Where it makes sense, companies can incorporate wellness features into their apps, such as connecting users to their friends and family or limiting distracting interruptions. 

A great solution is Live Activities, which delivers real-time updates on lock screens without the repeated audible interruption and clutter of multiple notifications. Fans of March Madness saw Live Activities update more than 100 times per basketball game. From developing news stories to rideshares, restaurant reservations, deliveries, sporting events and more, Live Activities (or Airship’s support for Live Updates on Android), can improve the experience and digital well-being of users across all types of apps. 

Mobile wallet is another example of a native mobile experience with broad applications to deliver seamless customer experiences. While it’s often associated with retail coupons and loyalty cards, mobile wallet is becoming a mainstay benefit for airline travelers, concertgoers, diners, gym-goers and movie theater attendees because of the ease of storing credentials and receiving updates or reminders, as well as being easily embedded within digital channels or in-store signage for broad distribution. 

Follow the lead of your peers and check out the linked blogs if you haven’t had a chance already. And let us know if there are particular topics you would like us to explore. 

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