Churn Prevention

Zero in on customers at risk of churning from your app — before they bail.


Customers Don’t Always Stick Around

It’s sad but true: the majority of relationships between customers and apps don’t even make it to their one-month anniversary. Even sadder when you consider all the time and money you spent working to win them over in the first place.


Churn Prevention by the Numbers

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of new, opt-in app users churn within the first 90 days if they don’t receive any push notifications.
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higher retention rate for app users who receive one or more push notifications in their first 90-days versus those who don’t receive any.
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of app users will churn within 90 days after first opening an app.


Churn Prevention + Our App Experience Platform

With AI and predictive analytics, you can see which customers are at risk of churning and take action to keep them — before they go. Then, you can send personalized, real-time push notifications that keep you top of mind without becoming a nuisance.


Go omnichannel.

Take an omnichannel approach to churn prevention. Message at-risk app users on other channels like email or SMS with personalized offers that renew engagement and spark action — all from a centralized, coordinated platform.


Send messages they’ll actually see.

Our Orchestration solutions help you send messages responsive to customer context. Experimentation solutions help you fine-tune your approach for optimal results.


Segment based on churn risk.

Apply Airship’s Predictive Churn solution to put the power of machine learning to work for your brand. Segment messages based on churn risk — win back those at high risk of churn with data-driven offers and deals.

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Ready to Reduce Churn?

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