Inspire more conversions with a smart, multi-channel retargeting strategy.


Avoid Retargeting Pitfalls

Retargeting is your not-so-secret weapon for an array of marketing challenges, from abandoned shopping carts to inactive users to customer churn. But there’s more to a successful multi-channel retargeting strategy than simply putting a pixel on your website. There are plenty of pitfalls, too, including the risk of annoying or angering customers with irrelevant, too frequent or poorly timed touches.


Retargeting by the Numbers

outside of content
of website visitors leave without converting.
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greater likelihood of converting for retargeted visitors vs. those who did not receive retargeting messages.
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of surveyed consumers say they didn’t complete a purchase because they weren’t ready to buy at that moment in time.


Retargeting + Our App Experience Platform

Relevance, context and timing make all the difference in how customers respond to retargeting. A message that helps them snag a discount before it expires is compelling, while ubiquitous ads for a product they already bought are not. Our App Experience Platform sets you up to make retargeting an experience your customers will welcome.


Retarget on multiple channels.

A smart retargeting strategy employs relevant messaging across multiple channels. Our centralized platform puts you in control — and helps you make sure your retargeting efforts are creating a positive customer experience.


Send smarter retargeting messages.

Personalize and orchestrate retargeting messages with user-level data from any data sources in your stack, including purchase data, so every message is more relevant.


Get all the data you need to personalize retargeting offers.

In a recent survey, 35% of marketers said a major challenge for driving repeat purchases was a lack of customer contact information needed for retargeting. Our App Experience Platform makes it easy to integrate your CRM and point of sales data so you send more personalized messages that get better results.

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