Cross Channel Acquisition

Reach customers directly on any engagement channel.


Engage with Customers Wherever They Are

Reaching customers directly across multiple channels is imperative for growing your relationships and your business. Enticing customers to opt-in on multiple channels — especially mobile — requires a clear sense of the customer journey, and the right tools and data to reach them with valuable messages in context.


Cross Channel Acquisition by the Numbers

outside of content
increase in spending when shoppers interact with brands on four or more channels.
outside of content
more repeat shopping trips to the retailer’s stores for omnichannel buyers.
outside of content
of all ecommerce sales will happen on mobile by 2021.


Cross Channel Acquisition + Our App Experience Platform

It’s a business imperative to be able to reach your customers directly on as many channels as possible. This not only makes it possible to orchestrate messaging across the best possible mix of channels, but also gives you a fall-back plan if a customer goes inactive on one channel.

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The more direct channels you have to reach customers, the better.

The more channels you have in your stack, the more chances you have to acquire new customers — and know you’ll be able to maintain a direct connection with them even if they become inactive or opt-out of one.


Automate, personalize and contextualize channel opt-in offers.

Use our Orchestration solutions to send users the right opt-in offers at the right time every time with high-context, personalized messages that give them a compelling reason to connect with you on multiple channels.


Know what channels are working best.

Understand which channels drive the highest engagement and conversions for which audience segments — and prioritize acquiring customers on those channels with our Analytics & Data solutions.

Let’s Talk Cross Channel Acquisition

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