Marketers, product managers and developers can easily roll out and promote new features for select audiences while giving time back to developers to focus on building new features and enhancing product functionality. Both teams can seamlessly collaborate to drive better customer engagement.

Drive Feature Adoption With Targeted Experiences

Roll out a new feature to a smaller group of customers with minimal effort. Use an in-app experience to prompt them to check out the new feature and quickly follow up with a survey to get feedback.

Optimize and Refine Features

Analyze adoption and engagement data and make real-time adjustments without the need to change code or wait for app store approvals.

Mitigate Risk and Deploy Quickly

Reduce bugs and make quick fixes before wider exposure. Easily turn off features with the slide of a button.

Track Every Experience

Get access to real-time performance and customer interaction data to make informed decisions to better inform your engagement strategy.

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