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With The Airship App Experience Platform (AXP)

The Airship App Experience Platform (AXP) helps app teams create incredible acquisition, onboarding, engagement, and retention experiences


Powerful App Experiences

AXP makes it easy to create, measure and perfect powerful native app experiences. These experiences are crucial to onboarding app audiences, building customer understanding for next-level personalization, and advancing monetization goals through a data-led, value-based approach.

Next Level Personalization

Use data you already have, along with rich data collected in the app – to understand each customer and deliver better, more relevant experiences. With AXP, you can collect first- and zero-party data and connect it with customer information. The result? Moments-based app experiences and journeys that grow retention, monetization and loyalty.

Customer Journey Optimization

Brands desire loyal brand advocates. AXP helps teams accomplish all the steps required to win them: migrate customers to the mobile app, activate them upon arrival, maximize account creation, reinforce the app’s value proposition, and incentivize high-value actions that lead to ongoing engagement and retention.

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