Win Back

Getting proactive when customers go inactive.


Reigniting the Flame

Whether they delete your app or just quietly fade away, customers become inactive for all kinds of reasons. The key is having the right data and solutions that help you create a winning win back strategy.


Win Back by the Numbers

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of people who receive win back emails actually read them.
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of lapsed app users say they’d start using it again if they were offered a discount.
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of users would return if they received exclusive or bonus content.


Win Back + Our App Experience Platform

Our Platform pulls together everything you need to reach out to inactive customers. You’ll know which channels they’re most active on, what messages are most likely to motivate them to re-engage, the best time to reach them and more. Plus, our Predictive Churn machine learning solution helps you lower churn rates before they start by telling you which customers are at risk of going inactive.


Re-engage inactive customers on any channel.

Reach customers who might be in the process of churning on the channel that they are most likely to engage with — SMS, email, web notifications and beyond — all from our centralized platform.


Seize the moment.

Use our Orchestration solutions to send messages in the moment your customers are most likely to respond — based on their real-time context, actions and preferences.


Remind them why they love you.

Leverage data from any data source in your martech stack to create hyper-personalized messages that remind inactive or lapsed customers why they connected with your brand in the first place.

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Let’s Go Win Them Back

We’d love to understand your brand’s challenges and opportunities around re-activating and winning back lapsed customers, and explore the ways we can help. Get in touch today for a conversation and a personalized demo of our win back solutions.