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Ever since Airship delivered the first push notifications back in 2009, we’ve been the proven push notification partner for brands. Together, we create, automate and deliver highly relevant, game-changing push notification experiences that create massive value for enterprise companies and their customers at the speed of mobile.

Leverage The Push Notification Solution Built for Enterprise

Airship is the only App Experience Platform that can reliably deliver billions of push notifications in real-time from a centralized platform. That means you can easily set up coordinated multi-channel campaigns, and see all your customer engagement data in one place. We give brands the power to send push notifications that create value — and get results.

Push notifications give us speed and credibility. It’s the fastest method to send content compared to other media channels. With Airship, we’re able to deliver news faster than our competition and keep people coming back.”

Send Incredibly Relevant Push Notifications at Every Lifecycle Stage

When a push notification delivers exactly what you need, exactly when you need it, it’s magical, right? That’s the feeling we’re going for. Airship gives marketers the tools to build hyper-personalized messages — and create highly contextual experiences that build trust and loyalty — whether your customer is using your app for the first time, looking to make a repeat purchase, or needs a little nudge to remind them you’re there to help.

Make Push Notifications More Personal, Contextual — and Effective

Build, automate and deliver push notifications based on any customer attribute (name, location, loyalty status and more) or action (like making a purchase or hitting a new loyalty tier) pulling from data in any business system in your stack. Then use Predictive AI to fine-tune message delivery time to create messaging experiences your customers will love.

push notifications

Key Features

  • Localization
  • Automation
  • Speed / Boost
  • Deep Linking
  • Open Source SDK
  • Personalization
  • Segmentation
  • Rich Notifications
  • Interactive Notifications
  • API Integration

Give Your Push Notifications Superpowers

Rich Notifications

Show and tell with rich notifications that can feature images, movies and gifs. From pictures of products they left in their cart, to a trailer for a movie on their watchlist, the options for personalizing rich notifications are endless.


Need to get your headline or sports scores to customers faster than the competition? Boost is the solution you’re looking for. Built to deliver incredible speed at massive scale, Boost can send to audiences of 10 million or more within a minute.

Interactive Buttons

Interactive buttons make it faster and easier for customers to take action right from a push, while also providing valuable information that can help you fine-tune your customer profiles and bolster your retargeting efforts.

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