Welcome Series

Give customers a warm welcome.


Hook Them at “Hello”

With no shortage of digital distractions out there, it isn’t easy to get people to download your app in the first place. Even more discouraging: the vast majority will delete it after only one use — if they open it at all. That means you need to hook them at “hello” and make a positive first impression that keeps them coming back.


Welcome Series by the Numbers

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of daily active users drop off within the first three days after installing an app.
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of installed apps are never used
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improvement in customer retention for brands who improve the customer experience in week 1.


Welcome Series + App Experience Platform

Whether delivered in-app or paired with email and other channels, a multi-channel welcome experience helps ensure the first interaction with your brand marks the beginning of a long and valuable relationship.

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Create a multi-channel welcome series.

For example: send a welcome email after app download that prompts your customer to opt-in to SMS. When they do, send a text with a link to download a mobile wallet coupon. Boom: you now have multiple channels to reach them and keep them engaged.


Sophisticated automation, lightning fast delivery.

Sophisticated automation solutions and speed are both critical for engaging your customers in the exact moment you’ve got their attention. Our platform has both.

Analytics & Data

Test and optimize.

Easily see how effective your welcome series is with our Performance Analytics solution. You can also A/B test new messaging and strategies to see what’s working, and what needs to be adjusted.

Let’s Talk Welcome Series

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