Make Every Message — and Every Customer Experience — The Best It Can Be

Whether it’s optimizing the content of a message or finding the best channel mix for maximum engagement, marketers want to continuously improve. Our Platform makes it simple to complete rigorous testing so every customer message and campaign is fueled by data — and incredibly effective.

Systematically Improve the Performance of Every Message & Campaign You Send

Infuse your messaging strategy with data to decide the best way to reach customers. Test up to 27 variants of a message with A/B/n experiments and see which messages and channels get the most engagement — and results.

Optimize Your Optimization Efforts

Test more, learn faster, get better results. Our Platform makes it simple to segment, target and send quick iteration tests, so you can send the most engaging and effective version of your message or campaign.

Our Entire Platform Is Built to Drive Exponential, Continuous Improvement

Optimization is at the heart of our Customer Engagement Platform. From enterprise-ready APIs that allow you to optimize customer profiles to AI-fueled intelligent orchestration that optimizes send time and more, we’re the trusted partner for making everything better — for your customers and your brand.


Key Features

  • A/B/n testing
  • Analytics dashboard
  • Cross-channel
  • Preferred Channel
  • Optimal Send Time
  • Predictive Churn
  • Open API
  • Segmentation
  • Automation
  • Event Triggers
  • Last Active

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Your Optimized Customer Engagement Strategy Starts Here

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