Create Powerful App Experiences — for Your Customers and Your Brand

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Airship App Experience Platform (AXP) is the only enterprise SaaS platform that’s 100% focused on helping brands master the full lifecycle of mobile app experience (MAX) management. Get a live demo and learn how you can create powerful app experiences for your customers.

Powerful App Experiences 

Create moments of impact for your users when they’re on the app and ensure they continue to remain engaged.

  • AXP Scenes – Inform and engage users with carousel-like images showcasing the value of the app right from the onboarding stage
  • Message Center – Quickly and easily send interactive messages inside the app
  • AXP Experiments – Test the relevancy of your messages so only the most engaging messages go out to your wider audience
  • In-App Messages – Make the most of every moment you’ve got with customers while they’re actively using your app

Next-level Personalization

Use first and zero party data to understand each user and deliver better, more relevant experiences that create memorable moments, experiences and journeys that grow retention, monetization and loyalty.  

  • AXP Surveys – Gain feedback from app-users in real-time; collect first and zero-party data and use it to segment and target in future campaigns and product offerings
  • AXP Preference Center – Empower customers to control how, when and where they want to be communicated with, whether via the app, email, SMS or the web 
  • AXP Analytics – Gain a full picture of how, when, and where your customers are connecting with your brand, and continuously optimize your approach accord

Customer Journey Optimization 

Create goal-based customer journeys and allow each customer to follow their unique path for interaction with your app.

  • AXP Journeys – Combine everything app teams need to create, evaluate, test and optimize goal-based messages and app experiences in a single, intuitive visual UI

Create Personalized Experiences, Delivered at Exactly the Right Moment