#MAXMonth Round-Up

Thomas Butta Chief Strategy & Marketing Officer

As we finish off the month of June that has been fully dedicated to driving better mobile app experiences, aka MAX Month, we hope you had the opportunity to consume your preferred content and gain insights that will help you create engaging mobile app experiences for your customers – and propel you on your journey to app monetization and business success.

In case you missed any of the webinars, blog posts, ebooks and podcasts presented during the month, you can access them by clicking on the links below. We organized them by theme and sub-theme.

Whether you’re a company executive, marketer, CRM professional, developer or mobile product owner, we think you’ll find this content as fresh and useful as it was the first time around.

Mobile App Experience


Loyalty, Retention & App Monetization

Encouraging Opt-Ins

Onboarding & Personalization


Personalization, First- and Zero-Party Data

Omni-Channel Engagement, First- and Zero-Party Data

Omni-Channel Engagement 

App Experience Platform


Retention & App Monetization

Customer Journeys, Personalization, First- and Zero-Party Data

Data Privacy

Mobile Data Privacy, First- and Zero-Party Data

Consumer Behavior, Customer Lifecycle, Mobile Data Privacy, First- and Zero-Party Data

Customer App Lifecycle

Retention, First- and Zero-Party Data


Strategy, first- and zero-party data

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