Personalized App Onboarding With Branch + Airship

Samantha Edwards Product Marketing Manager

Did you know 25% of apps are used just once during the first six months on a user’s device? Yep, you read that right. There’s good news, though. You can avoid much of this massive abandonment by offering a better, more personalized user onboarding experience. User engagement and retention actually start on day one when a user launches an app for the first time.

Airship defines onboarding as the interactions that set the stage for long-term customer value. Personalized onboarding goes even further. Users receive hyper-relevant information to keep them engaged. Meanwhile, marketers learn which actions get customers to convert and, ultimately, stick around. 

But you may be wondering: What more can be done to personalize app onboarding and create a seamless bridge between downloading and engagement? Brands that use data from the moment of onboarding are at a huge advantage when it comes to driving personalized mobile app experiences. 

Branch + Airship work together to personalize mobile app experiences. A pre-built integration allows your team to automatically view Branch data alongside Airship data in the Airship dashboard. Brands that leverage both Branch and Airship data unlock the ability to predict app user behavior, understand user retention, and discover more personalized insights to inspire loyal users. 

How? Let’s learn more. 

Branch provides the most powerful mobile linking solutions (like deep linked push notifications) to ensure your users always receive the best experience, no matter which platform or channel they’re navigating. Branch also helps organizations streamline end-user acquisition, engagement and marketing measurement in a holistic manner across all platforms, devices, and channels. 

Branch’s mobile linking and measurement — coupled with Airship’s ability to make every message personalized, seamlessly coordinated, and perfectly-timed across all of your engagement channels — gives you everything you need to build personalized onboarding experiences. It also allows you to optimize them over time to be even more successful.

By embedding Branch links into Airship Journeys*(not to be confused with Branch’s web-to-app Journeys smart banner product!) for onboarding, you can construct the perfect, personalized onboarding experience. For example, if you’re an eCommerce company, depending on user intent, you could link to product pages, customer service pages, or even a help center page the first time someone opens your app.  

You can also set up automation rules or Branch Journeys to send your audience messages when Airship receives custom events (such as a purchase). Using event properties to personalize or modify your message for each audience member can help increase the message’s relevance. It can also help increase the likelihood that your audience will engage.

For example, to personalize a message using the custom ‘Purchase’ event from Branch, you can provide total purchase information to your marketing team and set up your messages to the user that reflect certain products.

Innovative brands need to ensure that after a user installs their app, the experience resonates with them in a way that makes them continue using the app. The answer? Personalized onboarding. 

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