Why Your Mobile Marketing Needs 1:1 Personalization

Shannon Cook New Channel Activation Moveable Ink

Remember the pre-pandemic times? We were all living carefree, still mostly shopping in physical stores or opening a laptop browser. Marketers thought in single channels and very few brands worried about consistent messaging between mobile, email, in-store and digital touchpoints.

Now flash forward to 2022. Digital channels have taken over the marketing world, and customer-centricity is top priority for marketers, no matter where or how a consumer shops. A single-channel mindframe no longer exists. At least it shouldn’t. People now expect the same experience across every channel, no matter where or how they’re engaging with your brand.

No omni-channel digital strategy would be complete without mobile marketing that aligns with your overall marketing goals. That doesn’t mean set it and forget it notifications. You have the opportunity to create a robust, personalized customer experience that creates lasting relationships, increases lifetime value, and drives more consumers to your optimized in-app experience.

Mobile messaging is essential to any omni-channel experience. But it’s the 1:1 personalization factor that will set your strategy apart. Meeting customers where they research and shop, with information that is tailored to their needs, can fuel growth while helping to fuel a consistent brand message.

Jumpstart Your Omni-Channel Strategy with Mobile Personalization
How attached are you to your phone? If you’re like most consumers, you check your mobile device constantly and cherish the notifications that are important to you.

Customers want to engage with notifications, SMS messages, or in-app messages that are tailored to their unique needs. The world is a busy place, and they don’t have time to waste on irrelevant information from a brand.

Airship and Movable Ink have both done the research to back this up. According to our friends at Airship, “immediate value is the #1 reason people opt in to app notifications.” In Movable Ink’s Audience of One consumer report, more than half of consumers said they are overwhelmed by all the communications they get from brands.

When you personalize your omni-channel marketing strategy, consumers feel seen and not overwhelmed. This requires moving beyond segmentation to an individualized, customer-centric strategy that transforms customer data into a visually appealing brand experience.

Transition and Automate Your Best Campaigns to Mobile
Marketers need a better abandoned cart strategy across their mobile notifications. More than 85% of your customers that shop through their mobile app will abandon a cart at some point. What’s worse is that shopping carts are converted less on mobile than they are on desktops or tablets.

This could be because shoppers research products on mobile, then ultimately pay on their laptop or in-store – hence the importance of omni-channel marketing. But it could be because email-based abandoned cart campaigns are often the marketer’s first, and last, solution.

If your customer is shopping through a mobile app, though, shouldn’t marketing meet them where they want to be? Dynamic, 1:1 notifications and mobile messages can convert more mobile browsers into mobile buyers with the help of data-driven personalization.

A personalized mobile abandoned cart campaign should be foundational for two reasons. One, they work. Image based notifications are proven to boost direct response rates by 56%. Supercharging a traditionally successful marketing campaign with personalized images is a quick win for marketers that could help create excitement over a broader mobile strategy.

The second reason is time. The significant increase in digital shopping over the past two years has inundated marketers with more meetings, more responsibility, and more deliverables. You need mobile campaign solutions that are automated, personalized, and optimized for customer-centricity and conversion.

But it’s not just your time. You want to create a sense of urgency with campaigns, such as an abandoned cart or a flash sale. These are high-value actions that require relatively quick responses from your customers. Mobile notifications are better suited for this kind of timeliness.

Mobile personalization is no longer a “nice to have”. It is critical to the success of any consumer brand’s digital marketing strategy. Consumer brands are investing heavily in mobile apps, which will increase the competition for someone’s mobile home screen. You’ll need to do everything you can to ensure your notification, SMS message, or in-app message is the one that appeals to them the most.

Consumers don’t think in channels, marketers do. The way your customer sees it, every touchpoint should give them the easiest and most helpful experience possible. That requires consistency across every channel, so that the personalization someone sees in email is the same level of quality they receive on mobile.