Level-Up Your SMS Engagement with Retargeting and Customer Context

Kaitlyn Hogue Director of Product Marketing

We will shout it from the mountain tops: YeS-M-S! SMS is a powerful, yet personal, mobile channel with incredible open and read rates that can help grow the relationships between brand and customer. And now, we have made it even easier to use with newly added automated features: click retargeting and click segmentation.

With click retargeting you can automate another text message or trigger an Airship Journey to start or end on any channel when a customer clicks on a link in the message. Click segmentation automatically adds or removes a tag when a customer clicks on an SMS link to segment our future messages based on interest. 

Here’s what you need to know to make the best of these new SMS features:

You Can Send Intelligent and Contextual SMS Campaigns 

Knowing which customers are engaging with your text messages and which messages and products are most compelling to them is key for optimizing your SMS campaigns. You want to make sure that every one of your text messages has value to the customer, and an easy way to know what works is with our intelligent link features. Use branded links (with a shortened link with a custom domain) and unique link tracking to see what is working at the user-level and then use click retargeting and segmentation to personalize each message based on past engagement, ultimately creating more contextual customer journeys.

Check out our blog post to learn about short links and link tracking

Build Deeper Customer Journeys with SMS

With click retargeting and segmentation, customer engagement on SMS can now sync with Airship Journeys to create a holistic engagement strategy across the customer lifecycle. Here’s how you can use these features at these lifecycle stages:

  • Acquire: Create an Airship Journey to drive app acquisition and trigger the Journey to end when the app download link is clicked in a text message.
  • Retain: Create an Airship Journey to drive loyalty member sign-ups via SMS and trigger the Journey to end upon sign-up click.
  • Grow: Track SMS engagement at the user-level and segment future Journeys based on past product interest.

This suite of intelligent link features for SMS can power your brand to make the most of each customer interaction by tracking engagement to personalize future text messages. To learn more about SMS, check out our SMS product page (and request a demo!) and our SMS resource library.


Learn more about SMS intelligent links in our latest datasheet

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