Why Every App Should Have a Message Center

In addition to push notifications, using message center to share content and new information should be a vital part of your app’s mobile engagement strategy.

We recently shared how we’ve made implementing a message center easier than ever before, reducing the time to develop by 20x. Now with SDK 7, message center is out-of-the-box (OOTB), meaning you can create your own branded message center in just 4 – 6 hours.

Message Centers Generate Better Response Rates

But if that hasn’t already convinced you to add one into your app, findings from our new benchmarks data report may do the trick. Our latest research found that message center content generates 8x the read rate of push notifications alone. Even better, message center read rates more than double when used in combination with a push notification.

Message Center is a great way to share information in your app — content is persistent, so users can refer back to it at any time, and content can be expired when it’s no longer relevant. Best of all, content is available to your entire app audience, whether or not they’ve opted in to receive push or not.

To learn more how effective a message center is in an app’s mobile strategy, check out our latest Mobile Engagement Industry Benchmarks to learn:

  • The unparalleled reach marketing can achieve with high-performing message centers

  • Differences in consumer behavior and tactics to boost message center read rates

  • The massive performance gap between iOS and Android

Download our “FIRST LOOK: Message Center Read Rates” report to understand the impact message centers can have, and how they can improve your mobile engagement.