6 Mobile-First Strategies to Grow Customer Loyalty

Mobile-first experiences are the key to loyalty growth. Today’s mobile-centric consumers demand personalized and relevant content from the brands they trust and mobile-first solutions that make it easy to participate and unlock valuable incentives and rewards. To meet that demand, leading brands are shifting from the purely transactional and points-based approaches of the past toward programs that use rich customer insights and data to deliver personalized experiences and benefits to customers.

Let’s take a look at six use cases, including several with our partners at Mixpanel, that show how you can use real-time data, goal-based customer journeys and personalization to accelerate loyalty program growth.

Lead New Customers to Loyalty

When a new customer comes into the app, it’s the perfect time to launch messaging that drives loyalty sign-ups. Here’s how a goal-based approach can help. As customers come into your welcome series, if they sign up, they’ll branch off into messages about how to redeem points or use the loyalty program. If they don’t, you can re-engage them with messages about all the great benefits you have to offer.

Target Potential Power Users

To identify ideal targets for loyalty messaging, it helps to understand how customers engage with your brand. In this scenario, a QSR brand uses Mixpanel to identify a cohort of potential power users based on specific customer actions. Leveraging Airship’s integration with Mixpanel, that data can be sent directly to Airship to deploy customer journeys with messages about insider deals for loyalty members, and more. 

Identify & Re-Engage Dormant Customers

The vast majority of consumers participate in some sort of loyalty scheme, but more than half of loyalty memberships are inactive. In this example, a media brand is using Mixpanel to identify a cohort of app users or loyalty members who are inactive or at risk of churn based on several specific criteria such as not having shared on social media. That data is then sent to Airship in real-time to launch personalized offers and incentives that re-engage them.

Deliver Personalized Rewards in Real-Time

Real-time behavioral data is a powerful ally for growing customer loyalty. This retail use case shows how you can personalize offers and rewards in Airship with behavioral info sent directly from Mixpanel. 

Make Loyalty Easy with Mobile Wallet

Locating a physical loyalty card and keeping track of points can be a hassle for your mobile customers. In fact, 69 percent of millennials find it’s too hard to join loyalty schemes and/or earn rewards. The solution: Mobile Wallet! As Mobile Wallet adoption grows, more brands are taking advantage of this channel to improve CX and engagement by sending contactless, personalized Mobile Wallet loyalty cards across any channel and updating them with promotions and relevant offers.

Optimize Loyalty Messaging with A/B Testing

As you roll out your goal-based loyalty journeys, it’s critical to experiment, test and optimize those journeys and identify which variables impact your loyalty KPIs. With Journey Control Groups, you can set an ongoing baseline comparison to measure the impact of a journey, integrated metrics help to visualize results on business goals, and continually optimize each step in the user journey. 

Plus, you can send that data back to Mixpanel to get real-time feedback and measure the effects of your experiments on all your important KPIs in one place. Then compare multiple control and variant groups to see which one works best, and determine if the results are statistically significant with confidence ratings.

For a deeper dive into these insights and to learn more about how you can create data-driven, personalized and convenient mobile experiences, check out our recent webinar 7 Ways Mobile Can Accelerate Loyalty Program Growth. And don’t hesitate to get in touch to discuss how Airship and our partners at Mixpanel can help! 

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