Customer Case Study

E.ON Increases Product Adoption and Customer Retention with Airship

E.ON’s mobile mission statement is to create experiences with customer needs at their heart, allowing users to interact effortlessly with E.ON where they want to be. Mobile provides a unique opportunity to allow customers to interact with E.ON when and where it works best for them. For E.ON — this is key.


E.ON found that their mobile app users:

  • Login to their accounts more frequently and complete more tasks than website-only users
  • Call into customer support lines less frequently
  • Churn at a lower rate

Because of these benefits E.ON decided to put a larger emphasis on mobile and set out to optimize its mobile engagement strategy.

E.ON worked closely with Airship’s strategic consulting and managed services teams to implement several campaigns to help take mobile engagement to the next level.

E.ON is one of the leading energy providers in the U.K., providing electricity and gas to around 4.6 million people.


Using A/B testing to see which types of messages result in the most engagement and use push notifications for reminders to submit meter reads and finish tasks, E.ON’s Message Center reminders achieved read rates as high as 35% with a 23% conversion rate.

Our innovative mobile engagement strategies have positively impacted our business goals and objectives and — most importantly — have helped us create an app that drives value for our customers.


Creating Win/Win Messaging for E.ON & Their Customers

Push notifications, message center, and A/B testing combined to create significant ROI for E.ON.


Empowering App Users to Self-Serve

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read rate for E.ON’s message center reminder content
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conversion rate on Message Center messages prompting users to submit meter readings