Show Them the Value — And Keep on Showing Them

Inspire Loyalty

We’ve all seen the stats: it’s way more cost effective to retain the customers you have than to acquire new ones. We’ve seen the other stats too — customer expectations for their experiences with brands are incredibly high, and rising.

By leveraging the power of a data-driven, coordinated multi-channel engagement strategy, you can make every message mean more. When they see you’re a brand that “gets it” — you’re there in the moments they need you, saving them time, making their lives easier, providing hyper-relevant information in real-time — they’re more likely to stick with you, and spread the word.

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Maximize Customer Retention Moments

See how we help you deliver amazing customer experiences at key moments in the retention stage.


They love to love you: Keep it that way.

Get a clear picture of what’s going on with your most loyal customers — what they do, what they’re buying, how they’re advocating for your brand — then design and deliver experiences to keep this incredibly valuable customer cohort delighted and engaged.

Churn Prevention

Be a hero: Predict and prevent customer churn.

Predict which customers are most likely to churn — and send hyper-personalized messages that give them a reason to stay.

Win back Campaigns

But wait, there’s more!

Data is the secret sauce in win back campaigns. When you know which engagement channels your customers prefer, what times they’re most likely to engage, and what they care about most, you can create messages that earn attention and inspire action.


The Airship App Experience Platform
Powers Customer Retention


Connect with your most loyal customers anywhere.

Build valuable experiences on any channel with messages that keep customers engaged.


Show your customers you know them.

Customers expect you to “know them” no matter where they’re interacting with your brand — on the web, on their phone, or in-person. Make sure your messages are coordinated across these channels (it’s a lot easier to do when you’re working from a centralized platform).

Analytics & Data

Create value — and watch your business grow.

When you know more about what your customers care about, what they need, and how they’re engaging with your brand, you’ll create more valuable connections.

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