How to Wow QSR Diners at Every Step of the Customer Lifecycle

Restaurants, fast-casual dining establishments and quick service restaurants (QSRs) are rich with opportunities to attract, engage and delight their customers. But to truly make the most of these opportunities, QSRs and other dining establishments should have a plan for every customer, at every step of their journey. Here are a few ways you can keep your customers coming back for more. 

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Acquisition: Show Them You Care

It can be tough for brands to overcome the transactional feeling of customer purchases, especially in the fast-casual and QSR spaces. That’s why it’s so important to start off strong, with an acquisition strategy that shows that you understand and care about each and every one of your customers.

While one of the key strategies for great ROI on QSR customer experiences is to focus on retention rather than acquisition, a great onboarding experience can lay the groundwork for a long and loyal relationship between your restaurant and your customers. In fact, a well-designed welcome series for a new app user can result in 3x the user retention down the road.

Retention: Keep Them Coming Back For More

Once you’ve made your customers feel welcome and recognized, keep the good vibes going with thoughtful, personalized content. Say your customer just drove by your restaurant but didn’t stop in. With geo-fencing, you can deliver a message and a generous offer right to their phone, inviting them back the next time they’re in the neighborhood. 

Loyalty programs are also a great way to retain your customers, with incentives, rewards, and exclusive access to your brand that doubles as an amazing resource of customer data for your business. You can also use in-app interactions to fuel other loyalty-drivers, like ratings, updates, and opportunities to opt into other channels.

Growth: Bring More Customers to the Table

A 1-point increase in Customer Experience Index scores can mean millions of dollars of growth for your business. As your diners find their favorite dishes, engage in your loyalty program and respond to your incentives or offers, you have a great opportunity to expand your impact—and your ROI. 

There’s no one-size-fits-all answer to driving growth, but QSRs and restaurant brands can maximize their customer experience potential through targeting, audience segmentation, and data-driven automation. By creating experiences that feel seamlessly helpful—thanks to the strategic application of data—you’ll continue to drive improvements in your customer’s experience, loyalty, and purchasing.

Every step of the customer journey presents a chance for restaurants to improve their customer experience. For a deeper dive into just how this is done, make sure to watch the webinar!

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