A Win-Win investment: Improving CX and ROI Through SMS Integration

Customer experience has never been more important to the growth of your business. In fact, a one-point increase in customer experience scores can result in millions of dollars in revenue growth. One of the essential platforms for creating great customer experiences is text messaging, or SMS. Check out our webinar, “SMS Power Combos That  Create Fantastic CX — and Massive Value for Your Brand” to learn more, or keep reading for some of our top takeaways.

The Right Channels Make for Better ROI

SMS is direct, immediate, native to mobile and doesn’t require an app. It also has the highest open (98%) and read rate (90%) of any mobile channel. This makes it a powerful tool in your customer engagement toolbox, made even more powerful when combined with other channels.

Maybe your customers want more streamlined experiences for their purchases and use of tickets. Or maybe they want personalized coupons related to purchases they’ve already made, delivered right to their phone. Wherever your customer preferences direct you, SMS pairs brilliantly with other platforms to create a seamless, integrated customer experience.

Get Personal and Contextual with SMS

SMS is far more feature-rich than many people realize. By leveraging tools like keywords, automation and even dynamic content, you can personalize interactions with your customers to maximize your SMS ROI.

For example, say a customer opts into your SMS content by texting a keyword. Now you’re delivering targeted content to an engaged prospect, who follows a link to a product they’re interested in.

Now let’s say your customer puts that item in their shopping cart, but fails to make the purchase. Intelligent SMS can time a reminder text to maximize the likelihood of purchase completion, and even provide targeted incentives to ensure your customer feels seen and valued.

Couple this with an SMS after the purchase that lets your customer know they’ve just reached the first tier of your loyalty program, and you’ve got an engaged, rewarded and satisfied customer. All through the power of SMS.

And That’s Not All

Adding SMS to your customer engagement strategy creates a new touchpoint to drive customer acquisition, a new engagement platform for customer experiences and a long-term investment in customer loyalty.

When combined with other channels, the ROI of SMS only increases. We’ve covered some high-level takeaways here, but for a breakdown of just how beneficial our favorite power combos can be, watch our webinar, “SMS Power Combos That  Create Fantastic CX — and Massive Value for Your Brand”, or download our SMS playbook for more use cases, tips and best practices.


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