Insights & Trends to Inspire Your 2024 Customer Experience Strategies

Harriet McNaughton EMEA Marketing Manager Airship

2024 promises to be a pivotal year, requiring brands to adapt, experiment, and get up close and personal with their customers — but not in a creepy way, please! Customers are demanding more than just value — they want respect, transparency and simplicity across relevant and personalized experiences. 

As you reimagine delightful experiences for your mobile customers, consider what our experts, partners and customers had to say about the year ahead.  We’ve compiled their insights and predictions in our new 2024 Predictions & Insights eBook. Here’s a brief look:

AI, Data Privacy & Ethical Implementation
Generative AI (GenAI) will be red-hot in 2024, including calls for frameworks for responsible and ethical use, and cross-functional collaboration to navigate data security and copyright/IP concerns. Responsible use of AI is essential, and frameworks that guide and govern implementations are needed. Cross-functional teams must strike a balance between harnessing AI’s potential and mitigating its risks.

As businesses adopt GenAI to scale customer interactions, the focus sharpens on aligning efforts with business goals, with an emphasis on strategic goal-setting, continuous experimentation and data-driven optimization across the customer lifecycle. Without a strategic approach and the right goals in place, AI can’t be trained toward the best result and could accelerate mediocrity instead of enhancing competitive advantage. 

Simultaneously, the industry anticipates a transition toward expanded first- and zero-party data usage, marking a significant shift as third-party cookies fade away. This will provide publishers with a strategic opportunity to engage audiences more contextually, enrich user experiences and enable more precise targeting options.

Experimentation Mindset, Moments-Based Marketing & Customer-Centricity
Even though AI will continue to grab headlines, 2024 will actually be a transitional year for customer experiences. Sophisticated methods for reaching customers in their moments that matter will distinguish leaders from laggards.

Brands have a mandate to pivot from third-party to zero- and first-party data, leverage actionable insights, move away from channel-based approaches and embrace moments-based marketing — all of which are redefining customer engagement. As data privacy expectations evolve, we’re observing a shift: consumers are more willing to share information with brands they love. A customer-centric, mobile-first approach is becoming paramount, with the key being an ongoing exchange where brands can thoughtfully and progressively grow customer understanding over time.

Communicating value clearly, creatively, and in a timely manner is essential for retaining customers and developing brand loyalists. The challenge is to capture customer attention in their moments of engagement, meaning while they are actually using the app. As most customers decide whether to keep or delete an app within the first two uses, the window to secure ongoing use and grow customer value is fleeting and critical. Further, brands need to adopt an experimentation mindset to continuously optimize interactions inside and outside the app™. As more brands embrace a culture of experimentation, mobile app experiences will become more personalized, customer-centric and immersive especially with the adoption of AR, VR and NLP. 

Learn more by reading our 2024 Predictions & Insights eBook for a full run-down of the trends you can expect to see this year.