4 Mobile Wallet Marketing Campaign Ideas You Can Execute in 2 Weeks or Less

Looking for new mobile marketing campaign ideas you can get up and running quickly? In this post, we share four kinds of campaigns leveraging mobile wallet passes that you can deploy in two weeks or less. 

Ahhhh, the holidays. You’ve got a cup of hot chocolate in hand, fireplace crackling in the background and…a massive pile of promotional material coming through the mail slot.

These are signs that the holidays are upon us and the competition for holiday spending is really starting to heat up. Marketers are laying out their final game plans to win this season and wondering “what else can I do?” What other touch points can I employ to rise above the noise?

At Urban Airship, not only do we observe the holidays with strategic, mobile-first lenses, but we work with brands to brainstorm ideas to bring mobile to the forefront.

Here are a few digital “recipes” that we’ve cooked up for mobile wallet marketing that could be brought to fruition in 2 weeks or less.

You can do all of them, or just pick your favorites! (If you're new to mobile wallet, you can get up to speed with our Mobile Wallet Explained cheat sheet and our blog post Top 10 FAQs About Mobile Wallet Marketing).

1) A Different Deal Every Day

One of the best things about mobile wallet marketing is that the wallet passes can be dynamically updated at a moment's notice to deliver new offers on the very same pass — no user action required. Set up a holiday campaign for “12 Days of Discounts” and update your passes daily. Oh what fun to keep the customer interested, encouraging them to check their mobile wallet pass daily.

And, beyond a deal-a-day style campaign, you can renew the conversation by updating the same mobile wallet pass with offers for Winter Clearance, New Year's Deals, etc. The list goes on.  


2) Send Special Offers or Deal Reminders When a Customer is Near Your Brick & Mortar Store  

What better time to drive foot traffic, encouraging customers to visit your store or alert them to a sale or special item available than when your customer is in proximity to one of your stores?

Mobile wallet items can be geo-aware. Set up the pass with your store locations and let the pass remind the customer that a store is nearby.

3) Use Lock Screen Notifications to Communicate With Your Customers

One of the best kept secrets about mobile wallet marketing is that iOS mobile wallets are 100% opted in for notifications.

That’s right — 100%.

Marketers don’t have to ask customers for permission to send messages from a mobile wallet pass to a customer’s lock screen (although we recommend that they do). This is where the magic happens! Imagine having the ability to bypass email (that may or may not get read) by sending a message straight to a customer’s iOS device.

As always, with great power comes great responsibility. You’ll still need a strategy on how often and when to use these lock screen notifications.

4) Offer VIP Access

Everybody loves feeling special. And what better way to convey that with giving your customers a way to identify themselves as VIP members at the door?

Help your customers beat the rush and shop at your business when they gain access to the deals via a special coupon code on the mobile wallet pass — or just because they have the pass. Then, encourage them to share the deal with a friend!

If an early access program isn’t an option, consider doing a special access Black Friday extension with the pass instead.

Try using all of the above suggestions this holiday season, or come up with your own new ideas!  

It’s not too late to incorporate mobile wallet marketing in your holiday plans — and get an edge on your competitors. Get in touch today and let's get started!