Customer Case Study

McDonald’s France Drives 517K Opt-Ins in 3 Months

For the website, visitors normally come looking to make a food order online, find the nearest restaurant, read about product and corporate information or employment opportunities. The national McDonald’s marketing team was curious to understand whether they would be able to increase the number of online orders and get more returning customers by using web notifications powered by Airship.


When McDonald’s first set up web push notifications to be available on its website, they launched a few one-off sporadic campaigns dedicated to the promotion of its products, such as the announcement of a new Burger Royal or of the new McBaguette. However, the success of these campaigns varied significantly and engagement levels drastically reduced with time.

McDonald’s France is the French subsidiary of the international fast food restaurant chain McDonald’s. With over 1,400 locations nationwide, McDonald’s France serves an estimated 46 million people each week.


By triggering perfectly timed customer journeys that engage and re-engage web visitors, McDonald’s France saw 517K opt-ins with a 96% retention rate at the end of three months.


Automated Customer Journeys Drive Engagement and Retention


Airship Push Notifications Deliver Opt-ins & Engagement

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Opt-ins in 3 months
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Subscribers remain opted in by the end of the 3 months
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Increase in 1st message performance compared to previous benchmark