Predictions for 2023

by Daniel Nguyen

We discussed in our December edition of Navigator how the pandemic brought on extraordinary conditions that forced brands to adapt and pivot strategies quickly. In 2023, the challenges will be the same and different. 

What’s different is the economic uncertainty, rising costs to acquire customers and growing data regulations. As the pandemic wanes, consumers are spending again, and they are on the hunt for both bargains and great experiences curated by brands. Just like last year, brands are under massive market pressure to find an economical and effective way to build and promote customer relationships.

We spoke with 20 business leaders earlier this month about how experimentation, personalization, mobile advertising and the advancements of no-code and native will play out this year when it comes to marketing mobile apps and optimizing customer experience along each stage of the mobile app lifecycle. Here are some clear takeaways:

  • Personalization will become more important than ever. Brands will need to leverage unique promotional coupons rather than master coupons to cut down on the economic impact of mass distribution and redemption. Rewarding customers specific to their loyalty tier will become both a challenge and a necessity.
  • Brands will see an increase in monthly active users across all industries, especially travel. As buyers look for the best deals, travel and retail will see exponential growth in active users.
  • Loyal customers will be looking for the easiest way to save more from their favorite brands. Given economic uncertainties, it’s no surprise that customers will be on the lookout for the best ways to save. Anticipate additional app engagement from your most loyal customers, especially when incentives are involved.
  • Apps lacking good data are apt to fail. Usable customer data is critical to creating good customer experiences. Brands that can no longer leverage third-party data will be dependent on obtaining zero- and first-party data to show their customers they know them.

The complexity of the challenges is in the eye of the beholder. However, at Airship, we think the solutions are straightforward:

  • How to deal with economic uncertainty? Reward customers with a better app experience.
  • How to deal with rising costs of new customer acquisition? Run a better acquisition program with ASO
  • How to respond to growing data regulations? Apply practical privacy approaches to respectfully engage customers.

Easy to say, we realize. At the same time, at Airship we’re not resting on our laurels. At our recent Elevate in New York and London, Mike Herrick, Airship’s SVP of Technology, outlined Airship’s planned innovations for 2023 — and we’re very excited about them. Think much greater agility and speed. Huge differentiators for Airship customers. 

As always, Team Airship is committed to helping you and your brand succeed by driving exceptional customer experiences through every stage of the customer app lifecycle.

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