Urban Airship Expands its Platform with Predictive Lifecycle Marketing Analytics to Optimize Engagement Across Any Channel

In two years of availability, Urban Airship’s customer intelligence solutions are used by 150+ leading brands with bookings growth at 3X

A recent independent research firm’s evaluation of 11 mobile engagement automation solutions scored Urban Airship’s Analytics Capabilities the highest

PORTLAND, Ore. — November 9, 2017 — With its customer intelligence solutions achieving hyper-growth and earning the top score in Forrester Research, Inc.’s “The Forrester WaveTM: Mobile Engagement Automation, Q3 2017” for the Analytics Capabilities criterion, digital growth company Urban Airship today unveiled a series of enhancements that will enable data-driven marketers and product teams to better understand, predict and more quickly take action on customer journeys across any digital property or marketing channels in their stack.

Building off of Urban Airship’s strategy to make data more open, accessible and actionable across business systems and marketing channels, its platform now offers a more complete view of customers’ online brand interactions by incorporating user-level data from both websites and mobile apps, as well as email, SMS, and other channels like Apple TV in the marketing stack.

“User data is critical for us to tie the customer journey together between the app, our loyalty program, and other various digital channels,” said Lisa Ajdini, Director Mobile Strategy, Caesars Entertainment Corporation. “Urban Airship Insight and Urban Airship Connect help us stitch this experience together with incredible fidelity, allowing us to clearly see the impact notifications can have with on-property activity or POS systems in real-time. We also run machine learning against user-level data to better refine our target segments and to help increase app downloads or continued engagement.”

Other businesses use Urban Airship Connect’s real-time feed of users’ interests, preferences and predictions to populate data warehouses, enrich CRM profiles, or trigger automation actions within any number of systems—marketing automation platforms, ad targeting solutions, order or inventory management systems, customer service solutions and more.

Urban Airship Insight, known for predictive analytics and powerful, drag-and-drop custom reporting, now analyzes user data from any marketing channel or digital property with lists of users behind every report to drive personalized 1:1 action in any channel. Marketers can now define up to 10 levels of campaign data and drill down to see different views of performance by campaign types, channels, products, offers and more. This offers a precise understanding of the campaign elements that perform best for a specific group of customers, allowing marketers to quickly zero-in on the audiences and programs most likely to drive the next phase of growth.

In addition, Urban Airship data scientists added a new set of Predictive Lifecycle Marketing Reports to Urban Airship Insight based on common customer requests. Marketing and product teams can now evaluate customer growth across the five main customer lifecycle stages—acquisition, onboarding, conversion, retention and re-engagement—and optimize the long-term impact of their efforts with Urban Airship’s unique predictive churn risk assessment scores. Some of these new reports include:

  • Acquisition: The Net Customer Growth report goes beyond MAU and DAU by calculating several factors including new users, churn, uninstalls and reactivations in one view over any time period. Use Installation Attribution to assess, not just count, paid and unpaid sources of new app installs by understanding those users’ likelihood to churn in the future.
  • Onboarding: Use Activation Heatmap to determine which user events encourage high-value, long-term users; for example, completing registration, viewing a video, sharing content, or using a key feature.
  • Conversion: Identify high intent users likely to convert with extended funnel reporting, and use the Footfall Traffic Report to understand the effectiveness of messages in driving footfall traffic within physical locations and its impact on retention.
  • Retention: Retention Heatmap examines retention for a specific cohort, showing net retention over any time period. Take more pre-emptive action for specific users that need it most with churn risk predictions.
  • Re-Engagement: Use Uninstall Users Lifetime Metrics to deep-dive into uninstall traffic and identify user populations that have a higher likelihood of re-engaging than others for win-back campaigns.


To learn more about operationalizing these reports and measuring lifecycle marketing effectiveness, register for our upcoming webinar, “Driving Customer Growth with Predictive Lifecycle Marketing Analytics,” on Tuesday, December 5.

“Urban Airship Insight provides a more comprehensive view of our data and the ability to act on it more quickly to positively influence our overall results,” said Miguel Fernandez, COO, Dinda. “We can easily create custom reports without SQL and drill-down to a list of highly segmented users, which, in combination with daily A/B/n tests, have resulted in much higher direct notification open rates. Our marketing team uses Insight’s predictive churn machine learning with ad hoc analysis of user-level behaviors to create personalized retargeting campaigns that have minimized app user churn.”

Urban Airship data scientists are continually adding new reports that Insight users can take advantage of, and new data collaboration features in Urban Airship Insight make it easier than ever to save, schedule and share reports to rally action across immediate and extended teams.

“As the number of ways to communicate with customers expands, it’s more critical than ever for marketers to understand and optimize cross-channel campaign performance and its long-term impact on customer value and growth,” said Brett Caine, CEO and president, Urban Airship. “We made early investments in predictive and actionable analytics that are gaining recognition for being best-in-class and generating tremendous returns for businesses by offering a flexible, data-driven way to power personalized 1:1 customer interactions across more of their business systems and marketing channels.”

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