Stuck in Mobile Analytics Analysis Paralysis? We Can Help! [Webinar]

Register for our upcoming webinar Rethinking Mobile Measurement: A New Approach to Achieving Success today and get the insights and tools you need to make data-based decisions about your mobile marketing program.

We'll be presenting it live twice: 10/12 at 10AM Pacific, and 10/13 at 3PM BST for our friends in EMEA. Register for either – or both! 

Mobile marketers today have access to more data than ever before. You have mobile analytics about how your customers engage (or don’t engage) with your app, when and how they convert, how often they come back, and when they’re at risk of deleting your app: it’s all at your fingertips.

But all this data can also cause analysis paralysis.

In our upcoming webinar Rethinking Mobile Measurement: A New Approach to Achieving Success we’ll help you cut through the clutter, and reveal which mobile analytics will help you better understand your users, increase engagement, and help your mobile app succeed.

We’ll share examples, and cover:

  • Not All Data is Created Equal: How do you separate the signal from the noise? We’ll show you how to focus on the mobile analytics that help you understand your customer needs at a specific moment in time, how to take action on those needs – and measure the results to improve.

  • Matching Your Goals to Your Metrics: To understand what data you need to collect, you need to start with your goals and work backwards. We’ll share common goals, and how our customers have matched those goals with the metrics that matter most in meeting them.  

  • How to Use Your Mobile Analytics to Identify (and Retain) Your Most Valuable Users: We’ll help you identify the metrics that will give you insight into cycles your app users typically go through, including when they’re losing interest, and whether your win-back campaigns are working.  

We hope to see you at the webinar! Be sure to bring your toughest questions; we’ll answer all of them that we can! Or, feel free to ping us on Twitter @urbanairship, or reach out to schedule a consultation with us any time – we’d love to help you make your data more valuable and actionable.