How Often Should I Send Push Notifications?

How often should I send push notifications?

This is one of the questions our customers ask most frequently in strategy sessions. The answer depends on your customers’ expectations.

How often should I use push? User preferences

Here are three fundamental questions to ask yourself when determining how often to send push notifications:

top ten questions best practices and insights from our digital strategists cover image1) Is the push notification something your customer asked for?

Through a preference center, customers tell you when they want to hear from you, how often, and about what.

If they ask for alerts about every sale, breaking news story, or game in progress, push away.

2) Is this expected communication?

Customers will appreciate push message confirmations of a reservation or product shipment, and they might also expect to hear from you on a regular (say, weekly) basis. Push based on their expected cadence so your message is not perceived as an interruption.

3) Is this message helpful to your customer?

How does your app provide utility, benefit or delight to the customer?

When a push notification serves your customer, you’ve got the green light. When the push is self-serving, such as a promotional message a customer didn’t request, tread lightly and push sparingly.

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