12 Things Every Mobile App Marketing Pro Should Know How To Do (And How to Do Them)

From creating rich push notifications to improving app store optimization, there are some things every mobile marketer needs to know how to do. We've pulled some of our top “how to” content together for you here.

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1) Create Rich Push Notifications

Our data shows that push notifications with pictures have a 56% higher engagement rate. If you haven’t tried adding video, images, or other rich media to your push, we’ve got a step-by-step guide to creating rich push notifications to make it easy.

2) A/B Test Your Mobile Messaging

We show you the four-step process for seeing which mobile messaging gets results. The post also includes three ideas for push notification messaging A/B variants you can test out to see what resonates with your audience.

3) Create a Mobile Wallet Pass

It’s even easier than you think. We have clients who have launched their first mobile wallet marketing campaigns in less than two weeks. See this step-by-step guide to creating a wallet pass coupon and then get started making your own (for free) today. Your customers will thank you.  

4) Use Custom Events for More Effective Mobile Messaging

Personalized mobile messaging is not only what every brand should be aiming for, it’s what your customers expect. Read through our FAQs and get the scoop on how to use custom events to automate and personalize your mobile notifications.

5) Write a Better App Store Update (and Boost App Store Optimization)

Are you making the most of your app store updates? The messaging you incorporate there can help build customer loyalty and engagement. Get four key principles to keep in mind when you’re writing your next app store update.  

6) Build a Solid Mobile Marketing Strategy

Learn the three fundamentals necessary for a successful marketing strategy, and the unique marketing opportunities mobile offers in this how-to post from our strategic services team lead.  

7) Set (and Reach!) Your Mobile Growth Goals

You have growth goals. How will you get from where you are to where you want to be? This post provides a list of questions to ask yourself and your team, as well as practical strategies to make sure you’re on track to meet and beat your mobile growth goals.

8) Improve Average Revenue Per User (ARPU)

To make sure you’re fine turning your mobile marketing strategy and tactics in a way that drives the most ROI, you’ve got to look at the metrics that really matter. In this post, we show you how to calculate ARPU in your mobile app — and share ideas for improving this critical metric.

9) Maximize Your App Development Investments and Set Your App Up for Success  

Our strategy team sees it every day: all the things mobile teams wish they’d known before they embarked on the app development process. This post shares ten ways you can help make sure your app a success — before it even launches.

10) Create Automated, Trigger Push Notification to Address & Prevent Shopping Cart Abandonment

Businesses lose a staggering amount of revenue every day due to shopping cart abandonment. In this post, we show you how to create a triggered push notification that prompts users to return to their abandoned shopping carts — and get the conversion.

11) Send In-App Mobile Messaging That Gets Results

If your app users aren’t opted in to receive your push notifications, are you still massaging them with personalized, relevant, real-time messages? In this post, we explore options for in-app messaging that helps you connect with customers who haven’t opted-in to push notifications — or who have opted out.  

12) Make A Message “Inbox” for Your App

As a central hub for messaging inside your app, an in-app message center can easily and conveniently capture and store messages your users want to keep track of — and they generate 8x the read rates as push notifications alone. See how to get started with an in-app message center, and best practices for getting results. (Bonus: they’re also quick and easy to implement — and free to try with our Engage Starter edition).

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