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AXP Contact Management

Manage, edit and update customer details quickly and easily

With our new Contact Management tool, we have extended how you can search, view, and update user information.

Search Contacts Based on Common Attributes, Such as Email or Phone Number.

With only an email or mobile number, get access to complete contact details, including opt-in status, attributes, tags and more.

Easily Manage Contact Details

Easily update opt-in status for email and SMS or remove contacts from your records to meet GDPR requirements.

Add or Remove Channels Associated With Known Contacts

Update any known contacts with associated channels or devices to easily orchestrate experiences for those contacts.

AXP Contact Management

Key Features

  • Manage a contact
  • Known User
  • Known Contacts

  • Channel Associations
  • Opt-in Management
  • Easy Lookup

Manage your contacts effortlessly from within the AXP UI

AXP Contact Management is your one-stop shop to help enterprises create, edit and manage customer contact information with ease. Associate new channels with customers to enable automation and channel coordination.