Web Notifications

Increase the value of every web visit

Every modern app has push notifications; every modern website should have web notifications. Especially since they do something no other martech tool can: reach your customers with a direct message while they’re online — whether they’re actively using your site or not

Accelerate Engagement and Inspire Return Visits to Your Site

A first or second-time visitor to your site might come and go without you ever having the chance to connect with them. Web notifications are a fantastic low-commitment, quick and easy way for visitors to indicate they’re interested in your brand — without having to share contact details — and a great way for you to begin learning what they care about, and moving them through the acquisition stage

Make Web Notifications More Contextual, Personal — and High Performing

Whether it’s breaking news or a reminder that a special offer is ending, create and automate web notifications your audience will be glad you sent. With automated workflows, segmentation, A/B testing, and incredible delivery speeds, you can use what you know about your customers and the actions they’re taking — on any channel — to make your web notifications more useful and effective

Simple and Valuable for Customers, Simple and Valuable for You

With a quick and easy opt-in, Airship’s Web Notifications is a no-hassle channel for your audience. And getting up and running with web notifications is easy for your team as well, with a massive upside. Whether it’s a reminder about items like an abandoned cart, a special offer, or an update about a transaction they’ve completed, web notifications can help you and your customers hit key milestones during each lifecycle stage

Web notifications

Key Features

  • Real-Time
  • Automation
  • No form fill required
  • Multiple Browser Support
  • Deep Linking
  • Segmentation
  • Scheduled notifications
  • A/B Testing
  • Behavioral triggers
  • Event triggers

Leverage Web Notifications to Engage Customers at Key Lifecycle Marketing Moments

Drive Higher Completion Rates

Show site visitors the value of creating an account to increase the likelihood they’ll share their information — it’s a win/win.

Increase Retention & Deepen Loyalty

Reward your most valuable customers by offering personalized offers to loyalty customers. Customize deals based on their user profile, loyalty status, favorited items, and more.

Grow Conversions

Send a reminder about an item a customer has favorited when there’s a change in price. Include a deep-link back to the sale page to make it easy for customers to act.

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