Customer Journey Optimization

Accomplish all the steps required to win loyal brand advocates

Learn how you can optimize interactions with your customers to build trust and loyalty while reducing churn


Build cross-channel customer journeys easily to create powerful moments for your customers. It’s these moments that drive engagement, help reduce churn and increase brand affinity.

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There’s nothing worse than over-communicating with your customers. Create seamless experiences, wherever and however your customers engage with your brand, by easily coordinating communications across engagement channels.

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One size does not fit all, which is why it’s so important to segment customers based on their behaviors across channels. Use segmentation data to send precise communications and improve campaign outcomes.

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A/B Testing

Find out which form of communication performs the best with your audience by easily setting control groups and using integrated metrics to visualize the impact each message has on your business goals. In the end, see improved conversion rates and learn what variables actually impact KPIs.

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Push Notifications

Offer your customers a highly contextual experience by delivering personal, contextual and effective push notifications to your customers in real time. 

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Web Notifications

Begin learning what visitors to your website care about most. Web notifications – just like push notifications on an app – are a low-commitment, quick-and-easy way for visitors to express interest in your brand. 

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Reach your customers on a channel that has the highest response rates of all. Create a strategy that is integrated across multiple channels to initiate personal and contextual interactions. 

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Email continues to be a popular channel for customer engagement. However, personalizing the emails is key. Create, schedule, deploy and orchestrate emails alongside your mobile and web messaging – all from one place. 

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Mobile Wallet

Ensure your customers have their loyalty cards, coupons, boarding passes and more at their fingertips just when they need them. With our proprietary Adaptive Link™ technology, their wallet pass will automatically configure to each customer’s OS.

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Open Channel API

New engagement channels are constantly emerging. We make it easy for you to integrate these new channels and send personalized communications across platforms like OTT Messengers, IoT, and Voice.

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