Webinar Recap: Boost Email Engagement with Real-Time Marketing Insights

Last week, we hosted a webinar with Urban Airship Connect partner Customer.io discussing how marketers can use real-time mobile analytics and insight to better inform their marketing strategy and boost email engagement rates.

By now it’s no surprise that data rules everything around us. And rightly so. Data allows companies big and small to make more informed business decisions, leading to stronger relationship marketing via a more personalized customer experience.

Make Relationship Marketing Easier

The key is to have a user-centric view of your data. With the right data and collection processes, businesses no longer have to guess what customers may like, or where they are — they tell you. This underlines the fundamental shift from a mass market focus on brands, to talking to the consumer and building a relationship with them based on their preferences.

Driving Better Mobile Analytics

With Urban Airship Connect, all of the data we collect is tied to multiple identifiers. This can be enriched through an authentication process in your app that can tie it to a customer I.D. or email address. We can then track all the engagement in the app, where someone is, how often they visit, whether they are a new or frequent user to your app as well as any customer event like registration or purchase. We’ve partnered with more than 15 different businesses to make relationship marketing easier than ever.

Three Examples of Better Email Engagement

A key partner in the ecosystem, Customer.io is a behavioral email platform that harnesses user activity and profile data to send targeted campaigns at scale. Our relationship allows businesses to integrate mobile data with email marketing in real-time and drive customer growth. Our webinar last week specifically went through examples that detail how to drive email campaign success by using mobile data in three ways:

  • Nudge active users who haven’t purchased

  • Re-engage lapsed users

  • Create a winback campaign after uninstall

To get the full scoop and learn more, get the webinar recording and check out our documentation.