Mobile Engagement Embraces Google Analytics

Ever wish two of your best friends were closer? It would make life so much easier … for you.  That’s what we’re aiming for with two key new integrations.

Many of our customers love Google Analytics. It’s the de facto standard tool for web analytics, and, increasingly, companies are adopting it for app analytics too. It’s outstanding for aggregate user reporting and insights, it’s a comfortable tool that requires little retraining and it’s always improving.

And our customers use Urban Airship for its powerful, proven mobile engagement experiences and exportable mobile data — unavailable anywhere else.

So we thought we’d help the two platforms get to know each other better for the benefit of our customers.

Omni-Channel Marketing Data Gathered Seamlessly

With our release of two powerful connectors, customers can easily get these tools working together seamlessly, allowing data to pass freely between them.

  • Google Analytics Tracker

    • Sends all your Google Analytics events to Urban Airship

    • Leverages your investment wiring up app events for Google Analytics to track ROI and more (e.g. your campaign conversions in Urban Airship)

  • ​​Google Analytics Connect

    • Enriches your Google Analytics reporting with the mobile data (e.g. sends, direct conversions, and uninstalls) that’s unique to Urban Airship

Google Analytics Tracker

Many customers have already invested in wiring up their apps for Google Analytics, and find it hard to justify wiring each screen or button a second time for Urban Airship. Our new Google Analytics Tracker forwards all Google Analytics events to Urban Airship for reporting in Engage, Connect and Insight.

  • Engage: attribute user actions to push notification or in-app message

  • Insight: analyze app events alongside your user engagement to detect deep user patterns

  • Connect: forward events to your backend systems or partners integrations

The tracker converts Google Analytics events to Urban Airship Custom Events. These give our customers a deeper understanding of what users do when they send a push notification or in-app message. It’s the primary way many customers understand their return on investment (ROI) with Urban Airship.

View our release notes for details on the iOS Google Analytics Tracker and Android Google Analytics Tracker.

Google Analytics Connect

Making Urban Airship mobile data available to Google Analytics makes the reporting customers are already using even more powerful. With this integration, customers can create segments in Google Analytics that are based on Urban Airship events.

The powerful capabilities of the two systems means that it’s easy to see things like the screens a user has viewed based on what notification they were sent, or the difference in activity between users who have opened the app due to notifications and those who haven’t.

To learn more, check out the documentation on the Google Analytics Connect integration.

Supporting an Open Omni-Channel Approach

These updates are one example of our open omni-channel strategy. Mobile data is too important to be locked away in one place. We think it should be available and accessible to those teams that stand to gain from it the most, and that’s one of the driving forces behind Urban Airship Connect and these additional integrations.

We hope that you find these new features useful, and as always, please get in touch to learn more. (Don’t forget that you can try both Urban Airship Engage and Connect for free!)