Mobile Loyalty: The Power of Mobile Wallet

Did you know that more than half of consumers have used a mobile wallet pass? Millennials are at the top of the list, yes, but Generation X and higher-income mobile users are not far behind.

As mobile wallet adoption grows, more brands are taking advantage of this marketing channel to better engage with their customers. I recently co-hosted a webinar, “Make Mobile Wallet Your Secret Weapon to Acquire, Retain & Grow Your Customer Base,” with Kaitlyn Hogue and we shared how brands like SXSW, Alaska Airlines and REI use mobile wallet to create seamless experiences customers rave about. If you missed the webinar, no worries. You can watch the recording here and keep an out for a recap post coming soon.

In the meanwhile, I wanted to highlight one of the major opportunities with mobile wallet: creating mobile loyalty.  

How Mobile Wallet Helps Boost Mobile Loyalty

Mobile wallet adds another persistent messaging channel on your customer’s smartphone. That’s huge as you look for more and better ways to earn attention and engagement on mobile.

Wallet passes — which can include loyalty cards, coupons, membership cards and more — can be updated in real-time, are location-aware and can message customers on their smartphone lock screens.

69% of consumers are more likely to use a mobile loyalty card when it is on their phone.

69 percent of consumers more likely to use loyalty card on their phones

73% of consumers are more likely to join loyalty programs if points and rewards are automatically updated and visible on mobile loyalty cards.

73 percent consumers more likely to join mobile loyalty programs that are updated in real time

Interestingly, the biggest problems with loyalty program participation — a user forgetting they’re members (40%) or forgetting the card (43%) — can be solved by using mobile wallet passes for loyalty membership.

Optimizing mobile loyalty through mobile wallets is simply another way to position your business to get ahead and stay ahead in fostering customer loyalty by creating mobile moments that matter.

Explore Mobile Marketing Opportunities With Mobile Wallet: 5 Mobile Loyalty Use Cases

1) Next Level Rewards

Notify users when they make it to the next level of your loyalty or rewards program. With updatable fields on your mobile wallet pass, you can change a user’s tier or status as they move up the ranks in your loyalty program. And when they hit a new status level, you can easily update their pass and issue a change notification, which can occur on a lock screen, in the Notification Center, or as an alert.

2) Offer Extra Perks

Mobile wallet passes allow you to cross-promote your marketing programs, all while recognizing and rewarding your customers. Showcase special events or promotions, such as early access to your big annual sale on customers’ mobile loyalty cards.

3) Showcase Special Promotions

Create a customized, branded strip image on your wallet pass, highlighting your latest promotion, such as “VIP Members ONLY: pre-sale event starts tomorrow” to drive traffic in-store or online. Link to your website on the back of the pass to take your customers to the desired destination.

4) Always-On Rewards

With a mobile wallet pass, customers can quickly access and monitor their loyalty rewards. Notify a user when they have a new rewards gift available by updating their pass.

5) Maximize Redemption

Remind customers to use points when nearby. You can even use location awareness to trigger a user’s pass at their nearest store.

The Extraordinary Potential of Mobile Wallet Marketing

With smartphones always at our sides, and the ability for mobile wallet passes to send notifications (expiration reminders, loyalty updates, location-aware information, etc.), there is tremendous potential to change long-standing consumer behaviors.

Consumers already see the benefit of using mobile wallet passes. Combine that interest with even greater benefits such as integrated loyalty updates.

Mobile wallets go beyond campaigns to form a sustainable messaging channel to customers with lock screen notifications and passes that update dynamically. There’s never been an easier way for businesses to gain a persistent, personalized and proactive mobile connection to customers.

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