Summer Reading: What Airshippers Are Reading For Business and Pleasure

AJ Park Sr. Content Marketing Manager

Summer is a great time to catch up on all that reading you wish you could be doing the rest of the year. Over the next few months, we’ll be highlighting team members from across Urban Airship, showcasing how they stay up-to-date on our rapidly changing industry and keep up role-specific professional development, as well as what they read for fun. Not everyone is going to admit their deep love of [insert embarrassing guilty pleasure here] unfortunately, but take a look — you may discover a new favorite “everyday” read!

This week we’re featuring Data Scientist Lisa Orr’s reading list.

1. Data Machina

Data Machina is a compiled weekly list of what’s up in the world of data science. I might find a bunch of the articles in this weekly list in other ways (Slack posts, tracking other data scientists’ post on Twitter), but I certainly miss a lot of valuable content. That’s why I’m so happy to get it every time it comes out. It’s a great repository of current news/implementations/commentary on stuff going on in the worlds of data science and data engineering.

2. Cross Validated and Quora

These sites are where I end up when googling discussions and explanations regarding machine learning models. These are especially great resources as they represent a bunch of different perspectives, since they are both slightly different versions of an open forum format.  

3. YouTube

I’m a YouTube dance video junkie. I especially enjoy watching clips of the Southern University Dancing Dolls or any choreography from JoJo Gomez, Yanis Marshall or Tricia Miranda.  


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