How to Send Notifications to Any Channel In Your Marketing Stack: Introducing Open Channel API

Send notifications anywhere and everywhere with our game-changing Open Channel API. Learn more in this post — and contact us anytime to talk through use cases for your brand.

Ever wished you could send personalized notifications to any channel or device in your marketing stack — from one centralized platform?

We are making that dream a reality through our Open Channel API, a new approach to connecting Urban Airship to any system through easily extensible APIs, that eschews the common “closed” marketing system approach that requires you to rip and replace existing investments.

Open Channel API has all of the powerful services of our Digital Growth Platform accessible — like segment builder, real-time automation and user-level personalization — so you can create and send notification-style messages anywhere.

Once you’ve created the notification, our Open Channel API allows you to send it to any channel from any service provider in your stack: AR/VR devices, chatbots, voice systems, tvs, cars and in-home smart assistants like Alexa or Google Home. The sky's the limit.

And, unlike a basic webhook implementation, our approach creates a dedicated channel you can reuse to orchestrate, deliver and analyze messages across all of your customer communication platforms.

The best part? No matter what device or experience emerges on the market over the next few years, you’ll be ready.

Creating APIs that put your customer data to work for you anywhere and everywhere is part of our commitment to helping our customers future-proof their martech stack. (Learn more about our vision here.)

Bottom line: this is going to change the way you think about the notifications you can send — and how you send them.

In today’s digital environment, where new channels and devices like Alexa and HomePod are always emerging, we believe you need an extensible notification solution that allows you to grow with you as your needs grow. The days of rip and replace, and lowest common denominator marketing can be behind us.

We can’t see what great connections you build.

Learn more about Open Channel API in our Docs, or contact us to talk about use cases for your brand.