New Platform Enhancements Give Marketers Ease, Freedom and Control To Engage Customers Without Disrupting Them

Danny Ackerman VP, Product Management

With Airship’s 15 years of experience helping brands create impactful cross-channel experiences, it’s no wonder marketers look to us to help them find better ways to give customers the experiences they want. In Airship’s bi-annual Spring Product Launch, we’re excited to announce new features that give marketers unparalleled flexibility and control to personalize content and gather zero-party data within customers’ app experiences without interrupting their current task or journey.

Embedded Content: Perfectly Personalized, Seamlessly Deployed 
Frequent or poorly timed ads, pop-ups, interstitials and takeovers can interrupt the flow of customer experiences, and are among the top reasons consumers delete apps. Marketers’ reliance on interruptive tactics has reduced the effectiveness of traditional marketing, particularly among younger generations who actively take steps to avoid it. 

Embedded Content is Airship’s latest no-code native app experience capability, allowing brands to add multiple customizable content blocks anywhere within the app. Without the need for ongoing developer support, non-technical teams can personalize experiences to every individual, collect feedback and incentivize high-value actions like opt-in or registration. That’s a massive shift for marketers who have long relied on ads, email, SMS and notifications that may interrupt customers, as well as pop-ups and prompts that distract customers from their current online tasks. With Embedded Content, marketers have unparalleled flexibility to insert valuable content and gather data, developers get more time to build new features and enhance product functionality, and customers get individualized treatment without annoyance or interruption. It’s a better experience for everyone involved.

Feature Flags: Controlled Rollouts Mitigate Risks and Optimize Outcomes
Airship is deeply committed to a culture of experimentation where both marketers and developers can experiment anywhere and mitigate risks inherent in launching new no-code experiences and app features. Airship’s new Feature Flags capability lets marketers and developers easily control rollouts by toggling new no-code experiences and features on and off so they can better understand and refine the effectiveness of features before executing a full-scale launch — all without requiring app updates. 

Marketers can make data-driven decisions by getting no-code Scenes and Embedded Content in front of a live audience and confidently know when to double down on a winner or go back to the drawing board. Airship automatically creates a segment for customers in the Feature Flag audience, making it easy for marketers to drive awareness and education through messaging and embedded experiences and obtain feedback on the feature through surveys. 

Example: Introduce curbside pickup to a small audience, gradually increasing the rollout to optimize the experience and address any downstream operational issues.

Wallet Notifications: Google Has Entered the Building
Until now, brands could not deploy notifications to Google Wallet passes, other than for tickets and boarding passes, which  Airship worked with Google to help create. Leading global brands have told us that this disparity in lock screen visibility and differing requirements for Apple Wallet and Google Wallet are significant barriers to acceptance of mobile wallet as a full-fledged marketing channel. 

Airship’s new Wallet Notifications API offers the industry’s first consistent method for messaging mobile wallet passholders across both iOS and Android. 

Brands can dynamically update and personalize passes, ensuring customers stay informed about loyalty rewards, coupons, tickets, membership benefits and more. As the leader in mobile wallet marketing, Airship works closely with Apple and Google, which is why we have an amazing track record for Day 1 support to help our customers get ahead.

Our Wallet Notifications API not only supported Google Wallet notifications on Day 1, but we rectified differences in messaging Apple Wallet passes to make it easy for brands to broadly adopt mobile wallet marketing and benefit from greater visibility across all customers. Learn how to send, delete and schedule notifications in our wallet notifications user guide

Arianne Parisi, EVP Global Chief Digital Officer, JD Sports Fashion PLC

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