New Integrations with Urban Airship Connect: Snowplow and SparkPage

We’re pleased to share the addition of two more integrations for Urban Airship Connect, our real-time data streaming API that connects mobile insights to any business system: Snowplow Analytics and SparkPage.

In addition to being great to work with, these two companies also demonstrate the broad capabilities of the Connect product.

How We Think About Integrations

We believe that the data from your mobile app should be free to move between any marketing or data system in your business.

With Urban Airship Connect, you can easily connect to over 50 business systems — and make your targeting smarter across all of your marketing channels. 

Connect Urban Airship's Tool to Enable Real Time Marketing Across All Your Marketing Channels

Connect gives you mobile context about a person, wherever it is in your business that you’re dealing with that person. It also helps you create seamless omnichannel experiences based on what’s happening in your mobile app. Connect can be used for both data analysis and to prompt action. You can easily zero in on the exact mobile insights necessary to drive automated and targeted actions in other systems. 

Snowplow Analytics

Snowplow’s goal is to give you event-level analytics from every property you have, and store it in your own data warehouse. By hooking up Urban Airship Connect, you can quickly get information about what’s going on with your mobile app users, in context of the data from your other properties. Read more about the integration, or get started today.


SparkPage gives you easy-to-use tools for lifecycle marketing, designed for growth teams. With Sparkpage you can create cross-channel workflows that keep people active, retained and happy. With Urban Airship Connect you can see what’s happening in the mobile app, and use that to trigger rich emails, SMS or other communications — all of which can be clearly visualized in the workflow editor. And, even better, you can use Urban Airship Engage for push notifications with SparkPage, creating a great bidirectional, action-oriented integration. Check out the support docs or get started.

These new partners join the partners we already have, integrating Urban Airship Connect with over 50 business systems.

Interested in Urban Airship Connect? We’d love to hear from you. Learn more, or get in touch to get started.