How to Acquire, Retain, and Grow Your Customer Base with Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet is the secret weapon you need to be using in your customer engagement strategy. As a marketing channel, mobile wallet offers the convenience, personalization, and availability your customers are looking for in their mobile experience and mobile wallet has the install (88%) and retention (85%) rates to prove it.

We strongly believe in the opportunities that Mobile Wallet can offer to marketers and so we recently hosted a webinar, “Make Mobile Wallet Your Secret Weapon to Acquire, Retain & Grow Your Customer Base” to show what Mobile Wallet can do (with examples from brands like Alaska Airlines, REI and Cost Plus World Market) and how brands can use it throughout a customer’s engagement lifecycle.

Acquire: Bring Customers into the Digital Experience

Mobile Wallet is an excellent tool to tie together a digital experience with real-world experience.  Having a presence in both, in a seamless and personalized way, can help a brand stay on top of mind of their customers and bring in new users.

A great example of this is Cost Plus World Market and the way they use mobile wallet for their in-store treasure hunt. Cost Plus World Market uses their mobile wallet item to alert and update their customers with clues to locate coupons (last year they were called “Golden Llamas”). Not only is this campaign fun for their customers, but it encourages downloads, purchases and active engagement.  

Retain: Keep Content Fresh and Engaging

So, once you’ve acquired a customer on mobile wallet, what’s next? It’s very important for brands to update their mobile wallet items and keep content fresh, to continue engagement. One of the ways to do so is through loyalty programs. You can deliver loyalty cards to customers on any channel they prefer (through Adaptive Links™) and then use the pass to send important notifications, like a loyalty status change. You can also segment customers based on their primary location or indicated interest to deliver notifications or promotions that are super relevant to them.

Another great way to use mobile wallet is through delivering boarding passes, tickets, coupons or gift cards with personalized information directly into the mobile wallet, and then let them know of important updates like a gate change or flight delay, or that their coupon is about to expire. Alaska Airlines does a great job of keeping their mobile wallet content relevant and personalized with alerts, tickets, and information that are important to their customer.

Grow: Engage and Upsell at Relevant Moments

Mobile wallets can help you cross and upsell by sending real-time notifications for upgrades and sales. Use tagging and segmentation to send personalized offers, like seat upgrades for boarding and ticketing passes or a timely coupon to invite a purchase. With our External ID feature, you can even keep track of the items when they’re shared between devices and control how many times the item is shared and how long it lasts.

REI does an amazing job of keeping their mobile wallet items updated and convenient to drive more sales. They alert their customers when an offer is set to expire and automatically update their mobile wallets with new coupons when they are available. Try doing that with a paper coupon!

Feel like you missed out on an awesome webinar? No worries, you can watch a recording of the webinar here and check out more of our great resources on Mobile Wallet.

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