Mobile Messaging Personalization Defined

Many brands are being charged with incorporating more personalization into the digital experiences they create for their customers, which is especially true when it comes to mobile. If your message causes your best customers’ phones to vibrate, it better be relevant. The Urban Airship Strategic Services group takes this to heart every time we partner with a brand on developing their mobile messaging strategy.

Defining personalization has been a hot topic at Urban Airship. Recently, our very own John Greene and Greg Weinger wrote about big P vs. little p in terms of personalization. On a more, ahem, personal note, I also shared my experiences with “mass personalization” at different stages of my own pregnancy. Pulling findings from those experiences together, we’ve noted  three things to keep in mind when it comes to defining personalization for mobile messaging:

It's More Than “Little P” and It’s Unique to Your Business

Personalization is more than incorporating your user’s first name or order number into the message. Every brand should take additional steps to define what “Big P” personalization entails for their business. Personalization for a high-touch, high-service luxury retailer app is going to look a lot different than personalization for a utility app. Each brand must scope the necessary people, process and infrastructure needed to support their unique version of personalization.

When It Comes to Using Data, Feel Free to Start Simple

At the core, data is key to creating personal experiences. But that doesn't necessarily mean you have to start with overwhelming big data integrations. Start simple. How can you address a brand new app user differently than a lapsed user? What are the top three customer data points you could collect that would make a big impact in how you message your users? For example, explicit preference or their browsing behavior. Start by tracking metrics like this and expand to more advanced data points later.

True Mobile Personalization Equals Utility for Your Customer

Going back to my experience using pregnancy apps … while it was great to read up on everything there is to know at week 36 of my pregnancy, it would have been even better for the app to serve up content based on my individual behavior patterns. I've been freaking out about what the first few weeks with a newborn will be like, and as such, have been obsessively searching for relevant articles. Serving up content from the archives about how to survive would be highly personal to me and helpful as it would save me hours of obsessive Googling.

Mobile Messaging Strategy Questions?

Want to talk to us about how you can personalize for your users or have a general discussion about your mobile app strategy? Reach out and let’s get the conversation started.