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As a mobile pro, have you ever asked yourself…

  • Do push notifications impact app retention rates?

  • How can I know in advance which of my app users are most likely to churn, and what can I do to re-engage them before they leave?

  • I have a [retail / media / sports / productivity] app. What are benchmarks for push notification sends and app churn rates in my industry?

On our webinar on Wednesday, March 22, (register for the webinar time that works best for you: 10am ET or 1pm ET), we’ll address those questions, as well as also walk you through:

  1. Actionable insights from our soon-to-be-released benchmark report, “How Push Notifications Impact Mobile App Retention Rates”

  2. How our new Predictive Churn Analytics solution (which uses our proprietary machine-learning model trained with more than 10 billion data points) works, and

  3. How to leverage user-level churn risk rankings to create personalized, retention-focused campaigns.

Even if you have amazing app retention rates today, small gains can have a big impact on app ROI and the LTV of your users. Register today – we look forward to seeing you there!

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