Embracing Millennials Through Eco-friendly Mobile Wallets

Most apps owe their success to adoption by the rising millennial population. And today, in mobile, brands need to consider how to thoughtfully connect with an audience that now rivals the baby boomer generation in purchasing power.

Millennials want experiences that are not only personalized, but also reflect their personal taste, style, values and beliefs. Brands can appeal to millennials by considering what is important to them, including to choose eco-friendly alternatives when possible. As we transition from paper to a fully digital world, it’s important for brands to embrace these changes and use technology to help define their brand images and more effectively connect with their customers.

By employing digital solutions such as mobile wallets, you are helping to not only reduce paper and plastic, but to deliver real value — mobile convenience.

Personalize Mobile Wallet

Many folks have yet to realize the immense potential and value of mobile wallets (aka digital wallets). Not only can you unclutter the physical wallet, but also reduce the cost to deliver wallet items by 10-25x over paper and plastic. Additionally you can use it as an ongoing engagement channel, delivering personalized content at each step of the way. Whether it’s a loyalty card, point card, coupon offer, punch-card, promotion, event ticket, gift card, once a mobile wallet is downloaded onto the smartphone, it “resides” there indefinitely. It allows brands to deliver fresh information and content via updates to the same pass.

Mobile wallets not only make business sense, but its eco-friendliness cannot be taken lightly. Companies have staked their corporate image (and their profits) on delivering on this promise to millennials.

Take REI for instance. REI is well known for its environmental and corporate stewardship — two topics that resonate profoundly with the millennial demographic. When you look at their strategies of moving from physical to mobile wallet items in the context of their overarching initiatives, it’s clear that their portrait as a socially responsible company captivates the millennial mobile audience.

Above: Create visually stunning passes to build anticipation for the next promotion.

Be Authentic and Strategic With Your Initiatives

To appeal to millennials, authenticity is imperative — and mobile is an extension of that authenticity.

These mobile users are also looking for experiences that make them feel a connection to the brands with which they spend time and money. However, brands that fail to be authentic when connecting to this audience can often find themselves doing more harm than good. More than half of millennials have shared a selfie; and when your brand promotes a false image, be assured that your mobile users will share that indiscretion.

Concurrently, it’s equally as important to provide a valuable experience. Even though millennials spend an average of 5.4 hours per day on social media, that doesn’t mean that just any digital experience is worth their time. If you’re going to create an app or a digital wallet item, it better have a purpose that makes their lives simpler rather than just taking up device space or adding yet another form of clutter.

Run The Marathon, Not The Sprint

There’s a lot to consider when venturing into the new space of digital wallet. Starting points abound, and Urban Airship has digital strategists and product specialists to help our customers be successful with not only the initial implementation, but the approach and campaign as well for their mobile wallet program. Keep in mind that appealing to millennials is not a one time event, it requires a commitment to be timely, authentic and genuine.

Authenticity shines through when brands think like Eric Artz, REI COO:

“REI is still relatively small, but in the outdoor industry we’re big enough to convene and help create change…”

Millennials are smart and savvy. It’s time to use technology that aligns to their values.

Move from paper to digital today. Learn more about what your businnes could accomplish using Urban Airship Reach and get inspired by mobile wallet use cases with our Mobile Wallet Inspiration Guide.

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