Design, Optimize and Analyze for Conversion

Conversion for a brand can mean a variety of different things, depending on your industry, business goals and audience. However, every brand relies on conversion to fuel their business — so how can marketers help optimize their strategy and be rewarded by their customers?

When you think about conversion actions for a retail brand, the obvious one is a product purchase, but there are micro-conversion actions along the way for any business that can lead to a brand’s ultimate goal. For example, viewing a product or video, reading a review, social sharing or adding to a mobile wallet each signal a greater likelihood to purchase.

We recommend designing for conversion, analyzing your efforts in order to optimize conversion results and planning your customer’s journey all with an omnichannel approach.

For example, Redbox uses a welcome series to help drive conversion in their app. After a user downloads the app for the first time, Redbox sends the user a push notification with a code that can be redeemed for a free rental. This micro-conversion action ladders up to the ultimate goal (renting), as the user can redeem their rental via the app after they register for an account. Redbox sees a 300% increase in redemption rates with this welcome message compared to its typical offers.

Redbox’s messaging strategy links back to a broader engagement strategy, as a user must register with an email to redeem the offer. The retailer also encourages users to sign up for its Text Club. A message center also helps house information on the latest upcoming releases and weekend picks.

Similarly, European e-tailer and W.H. Smith brand Funky Pigeon uses automated push notifications paired with message center content as a way to share timely promotions, resulting in a 1,200 percent increase in conversion over email. After a user downloads and opens the app for the first time they receive an automated push notification one hour later. This notification deep links to message center content that thanks the user for downloading the app and gives them a special limited-time discount on their first order.

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