Sky News Delivers Breaking Stories Faster Than the Competition

Sky News’ goal is to offer a great service by being the first and fastest to break a big piece of news. Its mobile app is the U.K.’s number one commercial news destination, generating over one million unique visitors every month.  


When it comes to delivering breaking stories, every second counts. While Sky News is available on multiple platforms — including a 24-hour live television channel — it found that its app provides the fastest updates compared to its other media counterparts. The media brand uses Airship Push Notifications to deliver breaking news before its competitors — and continually engages its users throughout the day. The result: increased app traffic, which ultimately translates into greater revenue.

Sky News is a 24-hour multimedia news operation based in the U.K. and is part of Europe’s leading entertainment company Sky Group.

Using Airship, Sky News has seen a spike in app opens and an increase in the time users spend in the app.




Push Notifications

Push Notifications give us speed and credibility. It’s the fastest method to send content compared to other media channels. With Airship, we’re able to deliver news faster than our competition and keep people coming back.”


Maintaining a Competitive Edge Through Speed and Reliability


Sky News Grows Its App Audience with Airship

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