Unified Channel Coordination

It pays to be coordinated

Customers want a seamless experience — no matter where they engage with your brand. That’s why a centralized place to coordinate messages sent across all of your channels is essential for creating meaningful, coordinated customer experiences – unlocking maximum value from every message.

Change the Way You Think About Your Channels

Which channel is a customer most likely to respond to? Which multi-channel strategy is most cost-effective? When should you send a message across all channels? Our Channel Coordination solution give you the power to create a flexible channel strategy that meets your goals and delivers value for your customers.

Create a Cohesive Customer Experience

Coordinate customer messages across all your engagement channels — and center them around a single user ID — to create a cohesive customer experience, while and lowering the risk of over-messaging.

Simpler is Better

Our customer-friendly UI means every campaign is easier to set up, deploy, manage and measure. We also make it simple to integrate data from any business system in your stack so you can see which strategies and channels perform best — then double down on what’s working.

Artificial intelligence takes the guesswork out of marketing orchestration and lets our customers’ data do some of the critical thinking for us. It’s quickly becoming one of our ‘easy buttons’ to better and more productive customer experiences across every digital engagement channel,”

Channel Coordination

Key Features

  • Single User ID
  • Last Active
  • Simple Composer UI
  • Open Channel API
  • Reports Dashboard
  • Priority Channel
  • Preferred Channel
  • Analytics Dashboard
  • Fallback

Channel Coordination Strategies

Priority Channel

Choose the channels you want to send on — prioritizing for best customer experience, cost, or other brand priorities — and designate a back-up (fallback) channel if your first choice isn’t an option.

Preferred Channel

Send to the channels customers have set in their preferences.

Last Active Channel

Automatically deliver a message to whatever channel an individual used last.

Fan Out

For your most urgent or critical messages: send a message to every channel available for a customer.

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