Coordinate and unify messages, experiences and campaigns — inside and outside the app.

Power the Customer Journey
at the Speed of Mobile

Orchestrate moments that matter to help your customers quickly achieve their goals and drive bottom-line results across the entire customer lifecycle. 

Bring Customer
Journeys to Life

Visually create, understand and perfect goal-driven customer journeys across channels to anticipate customer needs and deliver individualized value and deeper engagement at every step.

In Real-Time

Rapidly weave in-app experiences and messaging together and deliver each multi-channel sequence at the most meaningful moment. From welcome messaging to purchase flows, harness the power of customer intelligence — including predictive behaviors and context — to deliver the right messages to the right customers at the right moments across all your channels.

My goal is to drive critical business KPIs by getting users to complete their profiles, connect with nearby creatives, add their original songs and videos, and much more — 90 percent of the time I’m using Airship Journeys to optimize these user experiences. By being able to easily see journey performance against baseline metrics and control groups, I’m more easily able to achieve the goals that make a real difference to the business.”

Meet Customers
in the Moment

Create and deliver personalized experiences at scale, based on real-time customer data. Drive engagement and build loyalty by delivering relevant content across channels.

Lifecycle Management

Save time and resources with a unified platform for cross-channel journey orchestration. Automate customer journeys and eliminate manual tasks to improve efficiency and speed to market. Use out-of-the-box templates to easily create new customer journeys and improve existing campaigns. Adjust creative and delivery times, and add new channels to a journey, all from the same place.

Connect and
Optimize Journeys

Use journey maps to create and visualize relationships between journeys. Develop modular, relevant and contextual customer flows that keep them engaged through every stage of the customer app lifecycle. Then optimize the entire customer flow by seeing how each journey performs and impacts your business goals.

Map and Track Journeys Everywhere

A/B test sequences, and monitor and optimize performance, with real-time reporting and analytics. Measure the impact of customer journeys on business outcomes, and adjust strategies to maximize ROI. Spot opportunities to double down on what’s working, adjust what isn’t, and test new ideas for continuous improvement.

Key Features

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