The Power of Dynamic Experimentation

We’re integrating digital engagement and experimentation to enable you to create the best possible customer experience across all touchpoints

Launch A/B tests across platforms and utilize the feature release management solution to gain rapid results and insights that help with goal optimization.
AXP Experiments make it easy for any team to launch experiments and product updates across mobile apps. AXP Experiments automatically integrate with most analytics platforms and offer no-code instrumentation of events for highly targeted experiments.

Feature Flags

Roll out experience features in a controlled way without coding. Controlled rollouts increase developer productivity and promote experimentation and innovation.

Feature Variables

AXP Feature Variables allow you to customize experiences for your customers and then freely update those customizations without the use of code.

A/B Experiments

Create simple and multivariate iOS and Android experiments in minutes with a simple but powerful no-code visual editor that also provides a low-code option for running the most complicated tests. 

Instant Updates

Instantly launch visual changes, such as color and location of CTAs, across devices, directly to your app, with no additional app store approvals required.

Easily Message Customers in Feature Test Groups

When you roll out a new feature using AXP Experiments, a segment for the customers in that group is automatically created, so you can coordinate experience campaigns introducing and promoting the feature.

Send Personalized Messages to Customers in Different A/B Test Groups

Ready to do an A/B experiment? Once you’ve set it up, you’ll see corresponding audience segments in AXP. Now your messaging will stay personalized and synced across all your customer interactions.

AXP Experiments

Key Features

  • A/B and Multivariate Experiments
  • Feature Flags
  • Instant App Updates
  • Experimentation API
  • Native Mobile, Web and OTT Testing
  • WYSIWYG Visual Editor
  • Programmatic Testing
  • Cross-Channel Consistency
  • Business Goal Reporting

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