Mobile Data Hub

Enable next-level personalization. Deliver better, more relevant experiences for your customers. 

Combine the data you already have with rich data collected in the app to gain a detailed understanding of your customers

AXP Contact Management

Quickly and easily manage your customers’ opt-in status, attributes and tags. Find and update customer account information, or simply merge information across multiple accounts.

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Predictive AI

Use your data and our predictions to communicate with customers in accordance with their preferences. Identify customers who are at risk of churn and win them back by reaching out in a way that is highly personalized.

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Performance Analytics

Get a holistic view of how and when your customers are engaging with your brand and use these insights to spot growth opportunities in every interaction.

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Real-Time Data Streaming

Gain a complete view of your customers and the actions they take on any Airship channel. Send this data to your customer data platform, data warehouse or any partner in your stack to identify  how you can deliver better value to your customers.

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AXP Preference Center

Empower your customers to choose how and when they engage with your brand and the types of communications they want to receive from you. 

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AXP Personalization

Delight your customers by sending them personalized communications that go beyond just adding their first name! The result – greater engagement and ROI.

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AXP Surveys

Collect real time, actionable insights to improve app retention with easy to implement robust surveys directly in the app. 

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Share the data you collect through AXP with other systems in the marketing ecosystem using AXP’s real-time data streaming and pre-built bi-directional partner integrations.

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