Don’t Just Wait For Customers to Come Back

by Michael Lavoie

A successful app can typically boast a strong value proposition, ease of use and a positive customer experience. Once you’ve checked these boxes, your focus turns to creating awareness for your app, optimizing your app store experience, properly onboarding new customers and collecting their preferences for future interactions — all while moving customers toward high-value actions that generate revenue.

So many of these activities happen in the early stages of a customer’s app journey — usually the first hours or days. Then what? Should you just wait for them to come back?

Your customers will spend most of their mobile app journey with your brand in the Engagement phase as you work to maximize their monetization and create app loyalists. That only happens by continually driving customers back into the app.

Your app’s Engagement Score (DAUs/MAUs) is a good indication of how well you’re generating traffic. Our benchmark data shows that after a slight dip in Q3 of 2022, Engagement Scores have been steadily increasing and now sit at their highest point in over a year at 19%.

Push to Pull Customers into Apps 

Push notifications are the natural mechanism for driving customers back into your app. It’s worth noting that using targeted push notifications improves the open rate by 76% over non-targeted notifications.

But push notifications aren’t the only channel you should be using to drive app visits. In an omni-channel world, consumers consume information across channels in an almost seamless manner. What’s important to them is that you present them with relevant and contextual information, which demonstrates that you know them and are listening to them. Amplifying those messages, and coordinating them across channels, reinforces your commitment and respect for their continued brand loyalty. 

You Never Write!

At most brands, email is an important promotional channel, but often operates in a silo. Beyond encouraging the initial app download, email campaigns do not typically focus on driving mobile app re-engagement.

Today’s leading mobile app marketers leverage email, push notifications and SMS to drive traffic to the app. Then, onboarding and adoption experiences can guide customers to complete high-value actions that monetize their visit.

We’ve Got This

If you haven’t already explored adding Airship’s email and SMS capabilities to increase your app traffic, you’ll want to evaluate how these powerful add-ons can aid mobile app marketers and drive more app revenue. It’s an easy way to save money and stretch your budget.

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